An elegant collection with an unusual and timeless design

Empreinte is a range of long and short statement necklaces and bracelets, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

The pendants are gilded in fine gold and available in pink gold, pale gold, palladium and ruthenium, four colours that will satisfy every desire. “Our aim is to reveal the personality of the piece of jewellery in a variety of facets so that each woman can identify with it and make it her own.”

This inaugural collection has been designed with purity, chic and femininity in mind and symbolism plays a leading role. The themes of love, femininity, luck and freedom were the inspiration for the collection. Each piece of jewellery has its own evocative name: Audacious, Stolen Embrace, Touch of Love, Imperial and Infinite Sensuality, Make a Wish reflecting the spirit of this first collection: eclectic yet coherent.

The EMPREINTE collection

Understated, luminous, unusual and refined

A collection in four colors with fluidity of forms and movement

The Rose Piquante adventure is strong and intense, it leaves its mark. This very unique sentiment inspired the name of the collection, EMPREINTE, evoking a footprint, a trace, movement, freedom… Empreinte is the bold expression of a journey and of encounters.

Rose Piquante is inviting itself into the daily lives of women with a multi-faceted collection, full of meaning and coherence, to be worn on all occasions, whether dressing up or dressing down. The collection was designed to allow each woman to express her desires and her femininity.

Enter the Rose Piquante world and discover the long necklaces, short necklaces and bracelets in this first collection that is entirely Made in Paris.

“Jewellery has the greatest power of transformation” Iris Apfel

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