About us

Jewellery is a unique fashion accessory ; a means of expression, a subtle work of art that silently reflects the wearer’s personality, and it is in this spirit that the label was created.

The fresh new French jewellery label Rose Piquante is delighted to present EMPREINTE, its first fashion jewellery collection. Rose Piquante is the incarnation of an artistic endeavour between a mother and her daughter.

Rose Piquante reveals its personality with its signature style of jewellery in unusual and contemporary shapes, high design standards and close attention to detail, expert French craftsmanship offering faultless finishes and gilding made to last, plus a rich palette of colours with the pendants available in a number of shades.

High standards are our mantra and we made the bold choice of 100% Made In France production, working with a Parisian studio whose expertise is based on more than 50 years of experience. All Rose Piquante jewellery is made, polished and gilded in France. This partnership allows us to offer truly exclusive products in terms of their finish, their gilding and their look.

Rose Piquante is a state of mind, a vibrant style with a strong and refined personality.

CEO & Founder

Sophie Baumont, founder

Fabienne Baumont-Lebreton, designer

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